Natural remedies for cold and cough

The seasonal illnesses are by definition more or less the small ailments that occur in the colder months of the year.

Colds, sore throat, cough, joint pain, colds and flu are among the most common ailments, passengers generally, but must be treated to avoid complications or, better yet, prevented.

While it may seem strange, many of these ailments such as colds and flu there "attack" because it's cold, but because in these months of the year you spend much time indoors and heated which is easy to find viruses and bacteria that cause the illness.

Any advice for preventing seasonal ailments:

the prevention of occurrence of these diseases is all quite simple and starts by a simple gesture: wash your hands. After attending public places such as trams, buses or trains, after shaking hands with strangers, after using the bathroom it is good to wash your hands thoroughly with soap to remove any pathogens that stropicciandoci eyes, or bringing hands to his mouth, could cause an infection. Not to alarm, this elementary daily actions can significantly reduce the risk of being subject to these ailments.

Preventing, in this case, also it means not to deprive the organism the vitamins and mineral salts that contribute to the normal function of the immune system, such as Vitamin C, contained in season fruit, such as kiwi and citrus fruits, and the vitamin A, contained in carrots, yellow vegetables, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, egg yolk, liver, fish and cheese.

Do not forget, finally, that the lifestyle is important for prevention. All habits that can weaken the body are to avoid: smoking, first and foremost, that makes the respiratory system more vulnerable, and the lack of rest.

The benefits of fasting for health

The medical benefits of fasting on the body are immeasurable, informs us scholar of Islamic science, Dr. Abdallah Milcen. Fasting is indeed important medical consequences, especially in the hormonal field, that of hydration, on intestinal transit, and in the psychological field.

According to Dr Abdullah, the fact to fast one month a year, reactive mechanisms of our body that are not used in normal times but which, in case of shortage of food or water, will then allow us to survive longer. It is reasonable to think, says Dr Abdullah, the regular reactivation of these mechanisms maintains and allows them to be immediately available in case of need, such as physical exercise keeps muscles, bones and joints.

In terms of the contribution of fasting on the hormonal system, Dr. Abdallah said fasting causes an inversion of the insulin-glucagon cycles. Glucagon is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and, says one, has antagonistic properties of insulin: we note, in general, that '' during the rest of the year, the hormone digestive most secreted is insulin.

This is a hormone that allows glucose, a sugar that constitutes the real fuel of our body, to penetrate into the cells to be consumed and converted into energy. Insulin also enables the reservation of surplus energy provided by food. There appears to be an important relationship between insulin and the adrenergic system. Adrenaline is the hormone of stress, rapid consumption of energy, the fight ''.

Thus, as explained Dr. Abdallah, insulin, by bringing glucose into the cells, resulting in the first days of fasting hypoglycemia, that is to say the falls of glucose blood. These hypoglycaemia are responsible for hunger pangs felt by the fasting person.

But he said, after the first days, insulin leaves his prominently glucagon: 'Glucagon is the hormone of fasting, she will mobilize body reserves, especially fats to manufacture glucose is no longer provided by food. The predominance of glucagon after a few days of fasting can present less severe hypoglycaemia and therefore feel less hungry. ''

In terms of appearance and fast disease, Dr. Abdallah refers, in verses 183, 184 and 185 of Sura II, which stipulates that 'the patients have the possibility to abstain from fasting during the time of their disease. '' But there are patients who want to fast despite their illness; in this case, it is highly recommended to them, before you start, to require one or more medical opinions to anticipate, to the extent possible the effects of fasting on their illness.

Immune system and power

Defend against external biological agents, such as viruses and bacteria, it is the task of the immune system, a set of cells and enzymes that recognize the foreign body, the attack and inactivate it, thus making it harmless to the body.

The immune system, the operation very complex, benefits from a healthy and varied diet that provides, in addition to a balanced mix of nutrients, including adequate caloric intake.

Diets too poor, under 1,200 calories, may adversely affect the functionality of the immune system, which is so weakened by excessively low-calorie diets, especially if they lead to sudden changes in the amount of calories they eat, as in the summer diets of ' last minute for the elusive "dress rehearsal."

Ensure adequate caloric intake also means not exceed in your food, especially if you are very rich in fat. This class of nutrients, however, should not be excluded from your diet, but it is important to understand what are the useful body fat and also have a beneficial effect on the immune system.

These polyunsaturated fatty acids, also called omega-3 and omega-6, which are in high quantities in foods such as oily fish (such as mackerel, sardines, and sardines) and dried fruit.

The immune system gets very large also benefits from fermented dairy products, yogurt and fermented milk with probiotics in particular.

Finally, do not forget about vitamins and minerals, whose contribution must be constant.

The B vitamins are essential. You can be found in grains, legumes, vegetables and yeast, while Vitamin B12 can be taken only from animal foods such as liver, egg yolk, fish, cheese and meat.

Vitamin C is also important, mainly in citrus fruits, but also very much in the kiwi, strawberries and berries. Also useful vitamin A, which can be taken as a precursor, ie in the form of beta-carotene content in carrots and such fruits yellow / orange.

The mineral salts that can contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system are especially iron, zinc, copper and selenium, assimilated through the intake of yeast, shellfish, broccoli, whole grains, mushrooms.

3 Ways to Redden The Lips

Various methods are used to look red lips want instant results, with treatment at a high cost. Not only whiten the face who need extra care, some people even sew their lips only to enlighten and redden the lips, yet they are very sick and very dangerous for health risks. So do not be lulled by the products or the like because the deals are not necessarily the result is also the maximum. It would be better if you use natural ingredients, because in addition to secure, inexpensive and convenient also the result can be a maximum on the condition that you have to be consistent to do so.

1. Honey

How to redden lips naturally the first is the use of honey. Honey is not only believed to nourish the body in general, but also beneficial to redden your lips. You can use it by taking a few pure honey, then rub it on the lips evenly. It would seem effective if its use before bed at night. You can do this 1-2 times a day.

2. Lime

In addition to being a natural ingredient for skin care and acne, lemon juice can also be used as a natural way redden the lips. The trick is to prepare as much lime juice 2-3 tablespoons, then mix a little warm water into it. Then dab on your lips thoroughly and let stand for up to 15 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. Do this 1-3 times a day.

3. Avocados

Avocado has many benefits for health and beauty, one of which used to redden lips naturally. It is certain once the fruit is easy to obtain. The trick is to prepare an avocado slices to taste and puree until smooth, then add a few drops of olive oil into it. Once the material is ready to be used to rub on your lips subtly accompanied by a massage. If thats enough, let sejanak, then is rinsing with warm water.

Soil Types You Should Know

Based on the parent material and method changes caused by exogenous labor, land in Republic of Indonesia will be divided into many varieties. the kinds of soil area unit represented below.
a. Soil litosol
Litosol land had been developed recently. this is often attributable to the influence of a weak climate, volcanic eruptions, and therefore the topography is just too oblique or wavy. so as litosol ground quickly shaped during a few ways that, like by re-afforestation or alternative measures to accelerate the weathering method. Litosol land in mountainous area unitas are stone and karst areas in Central Java, East Java, Madura, Lesser Sunda Islands, Maluku and South.
b. Red-yellow podzolic soil
Red-yellow podzolic soil is soil that happens from the weathering of rocks containing quartz during a wet climate with downfall 2500-3500 millimetre / year. The soil varieties area unit common within the mountains, particularly within the Lesser Sunda Islands. Red-yellow podzolic soil is appropriate used for cultivation, rubber, tea, and coffee.
c. Soil organosol
Organosol land in Republic of Indonesia is usually referred to as humate. Soil organisms organosol derived from plants that area unit perpetually flooded. As a result, the air circulation isn't swish, the sun is blocked by water marsh. In general, soil organosol has the subsequent properties.
1) As a powerful mixture material that's ready to bind water.
2) Contains mineral in accordance with the youngest class of bruinkool and steemkool.
3) Containing parts of C is regarding fifty eight, about 5.5% of H part, about thirty four.5% O, and N regarding a pair of.
d. soil
Alluvial soil is soil from the sediment sludge is brought streams. Has fertile soil properties, creating it appropriate for agriculture. intensive sediment plains set in jap Sumatra, Java, northern, southern and central Kalimantan, and Papua south.
e. Volcanic soil
Volcanic soils area unit soils derived from igneous rock weathering, either from volcanic rock or from volcanic ash that has been frozen. the world isn't therefore intensive volcanic rock clots than within the volcanic ash. samples of ground tufa volcanic soil is created from volcanic ash and area unit terribly fertile. tufa soil contained in Lampung, Palembang, Sumatra and West. Areas laid low with volcanic eruptions and volcanic ash crammed, like city, Garut, and encompassing areas appropriate for agriculture as a result of it's terribly fertile.

9 Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are either consumed by the mother hampil to help grow kembng fetus because bananas contain lots of nutrients like potassium and folic acid. In addition to the banana fruit is also beneficial to help the body keep a backup of calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, which are useful for building repair and regeneration of tissue. Bananas are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C, as well as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. For more details, let's look at some benefits of bananas following:

1. Bananas Rich in vitamins and fiber
Did you know that the banana has more than twice the carbohydrates and five times the vitamin A than apples. Besides bananas are also rich in potassium. Thus the bananas are beneficial to health.

Helpful 2.Buah Banana Treat heartburn
In the previous article I once wrote an article about "How to Cope with Natural Ulcer Disease". And in the post I have menjelasakn how to treat stomach ulcers with herbs. Well, it turns out in addition to herbs, bananas can also be a solution when we heartburn. If heartburn attack, eat a banana and pain caused by the ulcer will soon be reduced because bananas have a prophylactic agent of acid in the body so as to relieve heartburn.

3. Bananas Can be used as a mask for Treating Acne
Acne interfere with your appearance? Exterminate only with masks bananas! Caranyapun easy you just need to destroy meat bananas which have matured sufficiently, then apply on the skin with acne. Furthermore, let stand for 15-30 minutes, then wash. Perform these tips on a regular basis until the acne is completely gone.

4. Bananas Can Improve mood
Oh yes, besides being able to cope with ulcer disease and acne, bananas are also useful to help meningatkan mood so stable and continued positive mood throughout the day. So if you're upset, eat bananas hehe

5. Bananas Could Smooth Skin
Your skin looks dull and rough? May mask the banana and honey could be a solution for your way, mashed ripe bananas in a blender, then mix with 2 tablespoons of honey. After that you can put on a mask banana on your face. Let stand 10-25 minutes after that and then you wash your face with water and feel the difference.

6. As Energy Source
The content of carbohydrates in bananas could be a source of energy for our bodies. If you eat two bananas a day, it can increase endurance and increase energy in doing aktivtas ehari-day

7. Can Heal Burns
You have burns? Never are concerned, treat immediately with bananas nsyaalloh speedy recovery. The trick, mashed bananas, then dab on burned skin areas to relieve pain and heal

8. Beneficial For Transporting oxygen to the brain
Bananas are also useful in memngalirkan oxygen to the brain due to a banana itself is rich in potassium, so the content in bananas helps the circulation of oxygen to the brain and also prevent high blood pressure and stroke.

9. Can Streamlining Process Metabolism / defecation
For those who experience difficulty during bowel movements, you can eat a banana as a treatment step. Because bananas can help expedite the disposal of the body in the process of metabolism

Benefits and Dangers of Developmental Biology

Biology has helped people in the world from various calamities such as plague and famine. With biology, scientists know how infectious diseases can be spread and making it easier to fill them and eradicate the disease. Biology also has made people realize the importance of choosing a good and nutritious food for growth and body health. Various kinds of drugs antibiotics and anti-infective that has saved millions of people from death have also been discovered through biological knowledge.

In Indonesia, food needs fulfilled thanks to the knowledge of biology, for example, the discovery of seeds, how to plant, how to maintenance, and also eradicating pests using transgenic pest.

Knowledge of biology also teaches us how to maintain and preserve the flora and fauna that constitute the natural wealth of Indonesia and is a gift of God that is priceless. With a knowledge of biology, humans can preserve the provision of basic foodstuffs derived from animals and plants, as well as the provision of clothing.

But with the knowledge of biology Similarly, humans exploit natural resources without regard for the integrity of ecosystems. This causes the order of the environment is damaged and floods that claimed human life and property. Likewise, the use of quality seeds result in reduced biodiversity. The use of pesticides for long periods causes the pests become resistant and residual pesticides pollute the environment. We also never heard of the use of biological weapons such as deadly pathogens in the cover letter that occur in developed countries.
Therefore, biology advances so rapidly that must be balanced with faith and piety, also caring environment and others, so it is not misused