The benefits of fasting for health

The medical benefits of fasting on the body are immeasurable, informs us scholar of Islamic science, Dr. Abdallah Milcen. Fasting is indeed important medical consequences, especially in the hormonal field, that of hydration, on intestinal transit, and in the psychological field.

According to Dr Abdullah, the fact to fast one month a year, reactive mechanisms of our body that are not used in normal times but which, in case of shortage of food or water, will then allow us to survive longer. It is reasonable to think, says Dr Abdullah, the regular reactivation of these mechanisms maintains and allows them to be immediately available in case of need, such as physical exercise keeps muscles, bones and joints.

In terms of the contribution of fasting on the hormonal system, Dr. Abdallah said fasting causes an inversion of the insulin-glucagon cycles. Glucagon is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and, says one, has antagonistic properties of insulin: we note, in general, that '' during the rest of the year, the hormone digestive most secreted is insulin.

This is a hormone that allows glucose, a sugar that constitutes the real fuel of our body, to penetrate into the cells to be consumed and converted into energy. Insulin also enables the reservation of surplus energy provided by food. There appears to be an important relationship between insulin and the adrenergic system. Adrenaline is the hormone of stress, rapid consumption of energy, the fight ''.

Thus, as explained Dr. Abdallah, insulin, by bringing glucose into the cells, resulting in the first days of fasting hypoglycemia, that is to say the falls of glucose blood. These hypoglycaemia are responsible for hunger pangs felt by the fasting person.

But he said, after the first days, insulin leaves his prominently glucagon: 'Glucagon is the hormone of fasting, she will mobilize body reserves, especially fats to manufacture glucose is no longer provided by food. The predominance of glucagon after a few days of fasting can present less severe hypoglycaemia and therefore feel less hungry. ''

In terms of appearance and fast disease, Dr. Abdallah refers, in verses 183, 184 and 185 of Sura II, which stipulates that 'the patients have the possibility to abstain from fasting during the time of their disease. '' But there are patients who want to fast despite their illness; in this case, it is highly recommended to them, before you start, to require one or more medical opinions to anticipate, to the extent possible the effects of fasting on their illness.

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