Soil Types You Should Know

Based on the parent material and method changes caused by exogenous labor, land in Republic of Indonesia will be divided into many varieties. the kinds of soil area unit represented below.
a. Soil litosol
Litosol land had been developed recently. this is often attributable to the influence of a weak climate, volcanic eruptions, and therefore the topography is just too oblique or wavy. so as litosol ground quickly shaped during a few ways that, like by re-afforestation or alternative measures to accelerate the weathering method. Litosol land in mountainous area unitas are stone and karst areas in Central Java, East Java, Madura, Lesser Sunda Islands, Maluku and South.
b. Red-yellow podzolic soil
Red-yellow podzolic soil is soil that happens from the weathering of rocks containing quartz during a wet climate with downfall 2500-3500 millimetre / year. The soil varieties area unit common within the mountains, particularly within the Lesser Sunda Islands. Red-yellow podzolic soil is appropriate used for cultivation, rubber, tea, and coffee.
c. Soil organosol
Organosol land in Republic of Indonesia is usually referred to as humate. Soil organisms organosol derived from plants that area unit perpetually flooded. As a result, the air circulation isn't swish, the sun is blocked by water marsh. In general, soil organosol has the subsequent properties.
1) As a powerful mixture material that's ready to bind water.
2) Contains mineral in accordance with the youngest class of bruinkool and steemkool.
3) Containing parts of C is regarding fifty eight, about 5.5% of H part, about thirty four.5% O, and N regarding a pair of.
d. soil
Alluvial soil is soil from the sediment sludge is brought streams. Has fertile soil properties, creating it appropriate for agriculture. intensive sediment plains set in jap Sumatra, Java, northern, southern and central Kalimantan, and Papua south.
e. Volcanic soil
Volcanic soils area unit soils derived from igneous rock weathering, either from volcanic rock or from volcanic ash that has been frozen. the world isn't therefore intensive volcanic rock clots than within the volcanic ash. samples of ground tufa volcanic soil is created from volcanic ash and area unit terribly fertile. tufa soil contained in Lampung, Palembang, Sumatra and West. Areas laid low with volcanic eruptions and volcanic ash crammed, like city, Garut, and encompassing areas appropriate for agriculture as a result of it's terribly fertile.

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