Benefits and Dangers of Developmental Biology

Biology has helped people in the world from various calamities such as plague and famine. With biology, scientists know how infectious diseases can be spread and making it easier to fill them and eradicate the disease. Biology also has made people realize the importance of choosing a good and nutritious food for growth and body health. Various kinds of drugs antibiotics and anti-infective that has saved millions of people from death have also been discovered through biological knowledge.

In Indonesia, food needs fulfilled thanks to the knowledge of biology, for example, the discovery of seeds, how to plant, how to maintenance, and also eradicating pests using transgenic pest.

Knowledge of biology also teaches us how to maintain and preserve the flora and fauna that constitute the natural wealth of Indonesia and is a gift of God that is priceless. With a knowledge of biology, humans can preserve the provision of basic foodstuffs derived from animals and plants, as well as the provision of clothing.

But with the knowledge of biology Similarly, humans exploit natural resources without regard for the integrity of ecosystems. This causes the order of the environment is damaged and floods that claimed human life and property. Likewise, the use of quality seeds result in reduced biodiversity. The use of pesticides for long periods causes the pests become resistant and residual pesticides pollute the environment. We also never heard of the use of biological weapons such as deadly pathogens in the cover letter that occur in developed countries.
Therefore, biology advances so rapidly that must be balanced with faith and piety, also caring environment and others, so it is not misused

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