Amazing Benefits of Cycling Every Day

First and foremost, sepedaan alias gowes train our knee pads, especially for women. Research shows knee problems more often in women than men with a ratio of 4: 1. This means that from one man whose knee pain, there are 4 women with the same complaint. The disease is often called the knee hollow, porous or the term osteoarthritis. The shape of calcification in the knee joint. Symptoms flavor is not strong to walk, tired, can not squat and easily fall. Severe pain to walk just not playing. ... Clove kretek clove ... so sound.

Knee joint pain

The age of 40s, this knee problem will begin to emerge. This time we only learned the benefits of cycling sport. Those who routinely gowes relatively undisturbed knee, especially when coupled with a swim ... can be healthy and live longer ya. Each of our joints, elbows, rua-knuckles and knee fluid whose function dampen friction between tulang.namanya synovial fluid or joint fluid. This fluid serves as a lubricant and shock alarm for every movement we do. With age, this joint fluid will be reduced elasticity and viscosity as well as other functions of our body. We can not resist this natural process, which we can do is hamper and keeping that in ideal conditions.

The trick in addition to regular exercise well to keep our lifestyle. Do not get too fat because the body's weight is supported by our knees. Eating a variety of foods. All the food was good as long as it is not mostly. We can never know the substances and minerals needed by our bodies, that we can do is to eat alone, not have dipikiri, good not good yes eaten. Allow your body to process what goes through our mouth. Regular life, regular mealtimes, hours of regular sleep and exercise regularly.

The food was good for the joints, including the knee joint is Soy Milk, fish containing omega 3 and all kinds of fruits.

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